Our Story

The foundation of Reclaim Dentistry is rooted in a rich history.


Dr. Kevin Schwandt first started practicing at this office in 2017, working alongside the original owner Dr. Floyd Sekiya who founded the practice in 1986.


In 2019, Dr. Schwandt left to practice in Boulder, working with none other than Dr. Sheldon Omi, the recent owner of the office who bought the practice from Dr. Sekiya years ago.


At the start of 2020, Dr. Schwandt made the commitment to buy the office from Dr. Omi.


From 2020 – 2022 Dr. Schwandt renovated the office beautifully.


January of 2022, Dr. Schwandt was offered the opportunity to merge with Dr. Mark Anema’s well-established dental practice (Dr. Anema took over the practice from his father, Dr. Richard Anema. Together, they had been serving North Denver and Wheat Ridge for 62 years!)


June 2022 Reclaim Integrative Dentistry and Implant Center opened.
Founded in this rich history, Dr. Schwandt is growing new roots with a highly advanced, technologically-savvy, holistic and integrative approach while expanding opportunities for care to greater Colorado and all who wish to travel for their care. This is a specialized dental office offering remarkable treatments to humans of all ages and walks of life—all are welcome!

Experience our Integrative Approach

We are passionate about helping our patients achieve a higher level of wellbeing so they can enjoy the stability that optimal oral health brings while accessing the best expression of their smile and personality.

General Dentistry

No matter how simple or complex your health situation may be, our team at Reclaim Integrative Dentistry & Implant Center can develop a personalized treatment plan and guide you through the transformative process. We offer routine general dentistry services, integrative dentistry with an airway-focused approach, implant dentistry with the best restorative possibilities, oral surgery, and emergency care.

For Adults

Our goals for you are to maintain foundational health free of pain, disease and inflammation; to promote well-being by assessing and addressing your airway so you can breathe well, sleep well and live well; and to reclaim your vitality by restoring function and confidence in your smile. At Reclaim Dentistry, you will find we take a comprehensive approach that presents the most compelling possibilities dentistry has to offer.

For Children

Our goal is to prevent disease and pain and to help our young ones grow naturally. Because of the modern diet, our jaws are smaller and sleep disordered breathing issues are becoming a most unfortunate health problem. We have the opportunity in childhood to prevent and correct these issues early. At Reclaim Dentistry, we help guide children’s growth and development while transforming their ability to breathe, sleep and function.

Inspiring People of All Ages to Reclaim their Health and Vitality