Alternatives to All on 4: 3 on 6™, 4 on 8, & All on 6 or X

At Reclaim Integrative Dentistry & Implant Center, we offer complimentary consults and second opinions in hopes of educating our patients about the best techniques and options in full mouth reconstruction.

We believe our patients’ deserve the best and we’re committed to making that happen with the most efficient and comfortable experience. We welcome those seeking second opinions as we offer truly remarkable alternatives to All on 4, All on 6, All on X with the goal of always being reconstructive and never destructive. We want to give patients the opportunity to reclaim their oral health, function and smile, focusing on rebuilding using complex but achievable procedures at a reasonable cost.

With a compassionate goal in mind–hoping too make great treatments more affordable–the 3 on 6™ treatment was developed within the last 5-10 years by colleagues in Salt Lake City as a way to reconstruct and restore people’s full arch and full mouth to a more stable, strong and long-lasting (link and credit). Utilizing the latest and greatest in implant dentistry technology together with a novel, completely digital approach, they were able to cut down on lab costs and pass along savings to our patients. These full mouth treatments that could otherwise cost $60,000-90,000 are now able to be offered for $30,000-60,000. With compassion and accessibility in mind, they created a dental laboratory and workflow that offers world class dentistry here in the mountain states in hopes of helping more and more patients in need get the care and outcome they deserve.

There are several advantages to the 3 on 6™ treatment over the traditional All-on-4 techniques. The obvious advantage is getting more implants placed at the time of surgery, creating more stability and offering more restorative options should any implant not last a lifetime.

The most significant and exciting advantage, however, is the preservation and rebuilding of healthy bone and gum tissue. It is common to remove bone height in order to make space for prosthetic teeth. When bone is already missing, the All on 4 can be the ideal treatment. However, for most people we find the 3 on 6™ to be the most optimal and most natural reconstruction of the human dentition. With 3 on 6™, we do the opposite and put in the time and effort to rebuild the bone as much as possible, creating a more ideal long-term outcome with more implants and more bone.

The final restorations are made of zirconia instead of acrylic. Zirconia is our strongest ceramic, making these restorations immensely robust, functional and long-lasting. These bridges can also be made to be the same size as the teeth we are replacing instead of 1.5 to 2 times as thick, as is common with the All-on-4 technique. All in all, the result is the most natural appearing, functional and esthetic outcome available. Knowing the possibilities that exist in the marketplace and with all available technology, Dr. Schwandt is convinced we are doing truly exceptional dentistry and excited to be implementing the most recent advancements in the process: making this permanent alternative to dentures as comfortable and efficient as it’s ever been while delivering some of the most impressive restorations available worldwide.

Before 3 on 6™

Final Result