Dental Technology

CBCT, I/O Scanner, Digital Dentistry, PR

Here at Reclaim, we are invested in bringing the Denver Boulder Golden Metro the best of what we are able to accomplish in modern dentistry today.

Using the best technology and the most innovative, advanced and continuing evolving experts in digitally dentistry, 3D guided and printed materials, we are able to offer some of the most complex yet streamlined treatments creating the optimal outcome with minimal discomfort and disruption to an individual’s life. The reality is that these treatments are completely transformative in the best way.

In implant dentistry, Dr. Kevin Schwandt utilizing a custom surgical guide, 3D planned and printed to ensure accurate implant placements in preparation for 3D milled highly durable and esthetic acrylic to deliver a totally new smile day of surgery. It’s the preference to place the complete full arch bridge upper and lower same day as we rebuild the bone and soft tissue to fit cohesively, ensure the most ideal health and cosmetic outcome. The final zirconia bridges are also 3D milled using the highest quality dental ceramic and porcelain layering if desired. With this technology and our exceptionally talented, state-of-the-art dental laboratories and technicians, often specialists and doctors themselves, we create some of the most impressive prosthetic and restorative outcomes.

One of the most incredible achievements in digitally dentistry is the opportunity to marry the CBCT 3D x-ray with the 3D intraoral scan. The married image superimposes the teeth and soft tissue over the skull, allowing the opportunity to preplan all orthodontic and surgical interventions, fabricate guides, clear aligner trays, attachments, implant parts, prosthetics, on and on.

Utilizing these methods and the talented technicians who use them, we create a workflow and process that is surprisingly smooth and extremely effective, offering the most optimal result available today.

We routinely utilizing the same technology in general restorative and preventative dentistry. It offers us the best opportunity to investigate and diagnose many tooth issues like root fractures, cavitations/unhealed or diseased bone, screen for airway issues, catching pathology like tumor formation early. We also routinely communicate and collaborate digitally with many specialists and experts, for case review, case planning, referrals, medical clearances, lab scripts and prosthetic or airway device planning, etc.

The possibilities are almost endless. Eventually Dr. Schwandt would like to purchase the laser with a widespread of surgical, general and therapeutic potential. More to come, but it’s our insistence on truly exceptional dentistry that drives Dr. Kevin to push the possibilities further and further. At Reclaim Integrative Dentistry & Implant Center, you will always get the best of what the future of dentistry and interdisciplinary care has to offer.

    • Digital x-rays and records
    • iCat 3D full skull, full airway CBCT imaging
    • CEREC Primescan Intraoral Scanner for digital impressions
    • Digital Smile Design
    • 3D Printed Surgical Guides for precise implant placements
    • Dental photography