Kids Airway Treatment

Growth Guidance, Expansion & Airway-focused Orthodontics

In children, we love to dive in early and set up a long-term plan for optimal growth and development.

As a child’s primary dentition becomes established, we can use simple oral appliances like the MyoMunchee and MyoBrace to guide the growth and development of the dental arches in the right direction – wider and forward. For the first time ever, this can also be done with clear aligner therapy in little kids!

When the dentition becomes mixed as permanent teeth enter the picture, we jump in with several effective orthodontic options like 3D printed ceramic brackets and wires paired with with expansion appliances.

Together we can help our children develop and live healthier by correcting a narrow, downward and problematic growth trajectory and re-establish wide, forward jaws with stable occlusion. All of this supports an open airway, better sleep, improved cognitive and athletic function, efficient nasal breathing, ideal muscle and tongue function, and more.