Airway Consultation & Assessment

Introductory Airway Consultation
The relationship among the structure, function, and behavior of our head, face, jaws, neck, and body is a very complex and nuanced topic. We offer a complimentary introductory consultation for those seeking to understand more about the scope of our services and determine if investing in a Comprehensive Airway Assessment is the best next step.

Comprehensive Airway Assessment: CBCT, Sleep Testing & Examination
In airway-focused dentistry it is essential to comprehensively evaluate each patient’s unique anatomy and experience related to structural, functional, and behavioral issues in order to make treatment recommendations.

The Comprehensive Airway Assessment is your opportunity to understand how your unique anatomy and habits are impacting your general health, sleep, cognitive ability, and physical performance and what treatments are appropriate for you. This evaluation process includes three main components: Data Collection, Case Review, and Airway Case Presentation.

Step #1 - Data Collection

This phase consists of an in-office appointment where we collect data in various ways including:

  1. Airway-Related Symptom Screenings
  2. CBCT Cone Beam with Radiological Assessment
  3. Structural & Postural Photographs
  4. Behavioral Videos
  5. High-Resolution Pulse Oximetry (HRPO) Sleep Screening
  6. ENT Screening
  7. Tongue Tie Screening
  8. Myofunctional Assessment
  9. Behavioral Breathing Screening
  10. Intraoral and Extraoral Airway Exam
  11. TMJ evaluation

You can find more information about why each of these pieces of data is important here.

Step #2 - Case Review

After collecting all the necessary data, we enter our analysis period, typically 2-4 weeks, in which we analyze the data and develop a custom treatment plan for the best possible outcome with optimal predictability. We meticulously review each case and often collaborate with additional dental professionals and specialists during this time to tailor treatment options based on your specific data. We then consolidate our findings and recommendations into a comprehensive educational presentation outlining your personalized treatment options.

Step #3 - Airway Treatment Presentation

The Airway Treatment Presentation is the in-office visit during which we walk you through your data, our findings, our treatment recommendations, and the financial options available. We also extend an invitation for you to involve your loved ones in this crucial stage of the process, encouraging them to join you on the transformative journey toward improved health and an enhanced quality of life through life-changing treatments.

Once these steps are complete, and you feel comfortable with the proposed treatment plan, your treatment can begin.

For additional information about the diagnostic process, please review our Airway Assessment Overview document we provide to each of our patients that come in for their complimentary consultation [link to airway assessment doc]. To get a better understanding of the benefits patients can expect and the treatments available visit the Airway, Sleeping, & Breathing Page.

You can schedule your complimentary consultation[here or call our office to schedule a Comprehensive Airway Assessment.

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