Adult Airway Treatment

Orthopedics, Maxillary Skeletal Expanders & Surgical Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy

In adults, it’s historically been very difficult to achieve dramatic corrections of midface and skeletal deficiencies. With the latest techniques, however, we’re able to address these deficiencies in highly effective ways through structural, functional, and behavioral treatments that can last a lifetime are becoming more and more predictable and surgical techniques are more conservative and minimally invasive while still achieving the most optimal outcome.

These treatments not only improve wellness as it relates to breathing and sleep, but also dramatically transforms one’s smile and beauty. At Reclaim Integrative Dentistry, we are offering truly live-changing and transformative options utilizing maxillary skeletal expanders, clear aligner therapy (similar to Invisalign), and Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy (SFOT).

SFOT is a truly remarkable if not miraculous procedure. This surgical intervention is relatively non-invasive and opens up the door for healing, thickening and strengthening of bone and soft tissue. Periodontally speaking, it leads to healthier gums and bone architecture. In conjunction with orthodontics, together with SFOT, we can move the teeth twice as far twice as fast! With a big problem, we need a big solution.

SFOT is a low risk, low complication surgery with surprisingly little post-op discomfort. SFOT is done in conjunction with a 3 month clear aligner schedule that moves teeth quickly, efficiently and into a more ideal position than we otherwise could. Dr. Schwandt is particularly insistent on optimal breathing and sleep improvements, ideal esthetics and more beautiful smiles, together with faster and more comfortable processes.

Many patients will have heard about treatments such as the Vivos DNA appliance, Homeoblock, Biobloc and others. Though we cannot and do not offer every treatment available today, after much deliberation, Dr. Schwandt believes we have selected and offer the most effective and evidence-based treatments for improving airway anatomy, skeletal and midface deficiencies and cosmetics.

To learn more, please schedule an in-person or virtual airway consult with Dr. Schwandt and Mary Beth Barden, our Director of Integrative Care. Or please do schedule your airway assessment.