Advanced Laser Dentistry with the Fotona LightWalker® Laser

The Fotona LightWalker® laser revolutionizes the way dentistry is performed. At Reclaim Dentistry, we use this laser for nearly every treatment, from restorative to surgery to airway, sleep, and breathing. This laser is more minimally invasive than traditional techniques, creating the ability to gently remove hard and soft tissues while promoting disinfection, healing, and decreased postoperative discomfort.

What Are The Benefits of Laser Therapy?

    • Minimally Invasive: Fotona lasers allow for precise and minimally invasive procedures, preserving healthy tissue and reducing patient discomfort.
    • Precision: We can target specific areas with precision, making it suitable for delicate procedures like gum surgery or Zirconia Implant procedures.
    • Reduced Pain and Discomfort with Faster Recovery: Fotona lasers often result in less pain, swelling, and bleeding compared to traditional dental techniques, leading to quicker recovery times.
    • Sterilization and Bacterial Reduction: Fotona lasers have antimicrobial effects, which can reduce the risk of infection during and after procedures.
    • Versatility: These lasers can be used for various dental procedures, including cavity preparation, soft tissue surgeries, and treatment of gum disease.
    • Improved Patient Experience: Reduced noise and vibration during laser treatments can enhance the overall patient experience, particularly for those with dental anxiety.
    • Less Need for Anesthesia: In some cases, laser dentistry may require less local anesthesia or none at all, making it suitable for patients who are sensitive to anesthetics.
    • Minimal Damage to Adjacent Teeth: Fotona lasers are precise and selective, minimizing damage to nearby healthy teeth or tissues during dental procedures.
    • Enhanced Cosmetic Results: Laser dentistry can provide superior cosmetic results, such as teeth whitening and gum contouring.

Treatments Available:

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