Elevating Airway Dentistry Through Advanced

Surgical Protocols and Holistic Healing

With the evolution of technology and shifting expectations in oral health, the combination of advanced surgical protocols and holistic healing practices is now possible to integrate with airway dentistry. In the realm of airway-focused dentistry, the focus extends beyond traditional treatments to encompass transformative approaches that address the interconnectedness of oral health, general well-being, and the consequences of insufficient sleep or breathing.

The advanced airway procedure we often suggest to our patients who require additional space in their mouth to breathe properly is palatal expansion through custom MARPE oral appliances. This approach goes beyond conventional orthodontics, aiming to enhance the airway by addressing skeletal and orthopedic issues. Customized 3D-printed metal appliances provide a non-invasive method for dramatically expanding the nasomaxillary complex, promoting optimal nasal breathing, oral volume, and reducing airway restriction.

Another revolutionary procedure for airway dentistry is Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy (SFOT). We leverage this surgery to enhance orthopedic and orthodontic treatments, changing the biological limitations and creating significant functional and aesthetic changes. By strategically combining periodontal surgery with orthodontics, SFOT surgery enhances the effectiveness and outcome of clear aligner therapy, allowing the teeth to move further and faster. This procedure also improves oral volume and tongue space while improving periodontal health. While still somewhat limited compared to corrective jaw surgery, we are able to utilize SFOT to perform more complex movements than are achievable through orthodontics alone, such as maxillary protrusion, impaction, and cant correction.

Our goal in airway dentistry is to expand and enlarge the airway from the entrance of the nose, through the nasal passageway, behind the soft palate, and at the base of the tongue. At Reclaim Integrative Dentistry, we aim to offer patients a blend of dental, surgical, and reconstructive services, integrating biological and biomimetic dentistry, laser dentistry, comprehensive airway, 3D imaging with CBCT, sleep diagnostics, and adjunctive healing techniques for improved patient experience and outcomes. We also aim to integrate other practitioners’ expertise, treatments, and therapies, like ENT and osteopathy, so patients understand the opportunity they have to improve their foundational health and quality of life from multiple perspectives.

With this goal in mind, Dr. Schwandt has integrated several advanced protocols and technologies crucial to better outcomes. In addition to digital dentistry, 3D planning, and impressive lab contributions, Dr. Schwandt also uses the latest laser technologies with the Fotona LightWalker, PRF techniques, ozone therapy, IV infusions, supplements, massage, and much more to achieve optimal healing for his patients. 

In conclusion, advanced surgical protocols and holistic healing practices redefine the landscape of airway dentistry. As we embrace innovative procedures like SFOT surgery following MARPE expansion, for example, we also emphasize holistic healing protocols to ensure optimal recovery from surgery. Our passion for airway dentistry underscores our commitment to ensuring that everyone is given the opportunity to have the smile they love, teeth that function properly and painlessly, and the ability to sleep and breathe naturally.

We hope that you join us for our educational event to do a deeper dive into the advanced surgical protocols and healing practices patients can consider when going through surgery of any kind.